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FREE Top Tips for "Invisible" Machine Appliqué - Printable PDF

FREE Top Tips for "Invisible" Machine Appliqué - Printable PDF

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Do you love the look of finished-edge appliqué but don't think you have the time or skill (or interest?) to do all that handwork?

I'm happy to share my Top Tips for Stitching "Invisible" Machine Appliqué with you!

I've prepared a 3 page PDF that you can download and keep as a reference. We'll go over the fabrics, needles, threads, and stitch settings I recommend to set yourself up for success.

Want to give it a go? New classes and projects are on the way.

As you check out (you'll need to, even though this file is completely FREE) please join my email list for reviews, tutorials, upcoming classes, and fun ways to make your sewing & quilting easier and more enjoyable.

Happy Quilting!

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